Does Masturbation Cause Acne? Or, Is It All Just Utter Hogwash?

Masturbation has been shunned upon since the dawn of civilization.

In an attempt to discourage the youth from engaging in the act, the ancestors came up with a myth. The misconception they sired would carry on and be passed from one generation to the next, eventually finding its way to 2017.

So far, science is still caught at a crossroads of sorts. The experts are divided in their opinions with some holding on firmly to the belief that masturbation does indeed cause acne while the rest completely refute the notion.

But, is it true?

Does masturbation cause acne?

The Controversy

The relationship between masturbation and acne is a big controversy. But before we delve into the controversies surrounding the topic, let’s first examine the underlying causes of acne.

Genetics play a role in the emergence of the medical condition. Scientists have figured out that the fat metabolism defects in some individuals are passed on from their parents.

Acne results in individuals who have poor hygiene. Washing your face properly with warm water acts to keep the microscopic pores open.

Failure to observe maximum hygiene results into the emergence of the pimples following the blockage of the sebaceous fluids within the skin layers.

Secret to Healthy Skin

To keep the skin healthy and supple, we need to consider two things.

One, you need to eat the right foods filled with the necessary essential skin nutrients. Rich sources of vitamin A, vitamin C, and vitamin E are abundant in nature and our lives. Getting them is straightforward.

Two, you need to keep your skin looking youthful and devoid of the nasty-looking acne spots. Acne arises when there is a higher than usual influx of certain hormones and sugars in the system.

These hormonal changes are often triggered by overconsumption of particular food types such as too much sugar in diet or excess intake of fats.

There is No Evidence that Masturbation Cause Acne

You’ll realize that nowhere in there have we mentioned about the effects of masturbation on one’s skin. Reason being it is complete hogwash, and no such relationship has ever been witnessed in laboratory settings. There is simply no evidence that masturbation can cause acne

It’s equally as important to understand the hormonal changes observed in our bodies when we have an orgasm. Here, we are referring to masturbation as the cause of the sexual climaxing.

Sweet Orgasms

During sex, in both males and females, the testosterone hormone levels remains more or less in the same range.

Now since it’s no secret that acne is hastened by a surge in hormonal levels, then masturbation cannot be the underlying culprit behind the appearance of the skin condition.

Hence, a relationship between masturbation and acne doesn’t exist.

Another way of looking into this would take this approach. Scientists now know that people who exhibit a higher than normal sex drive often have elevated levels of the androgen hormone.

Maybe, the androgen causes the individuals to want to masturbate in an attempt to correct the anomaly. And, the acne is because of the high androgen levels.

What’s your take? Does masturbation cause acne? Here is my take; the jury remains hung on this issue. Despite the constant debating, there seems to be no unilateral consensus as to the link between masturbation and acne formation.

In the right sense, masturbation and acne is without a doubt just another myth, which refuses to go away in the 21st-century world we live in.

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